Deux textes de Léandre Bergeron sur "l'obligation de la liberté"

« L’école est une vraie prison »

Léandre Bergeron, auteur, boulanger et ex-enseignant, considère l’école comme un lieu de cloisonnement. C’est l’une des raisons qui l’ont poussé à éduquer ses trois filles à la maison.

« For The Children’s Sake »

Translated from French by Pamela Levac (foreword by John Taylor Gatto)

A journal that chronicles a fascinating year in the life of a rural Quebec radical unschooling (life learning) family. Bergeron is a well-known author and activist who has long advocated for educational, political and social reform. And this book details many of his principles, while providing an inspirational look at how three young girls learn by living. Read an article the author wrote for Natural Life magazine in 1995 and an excerpt from the book that we recently published. Go here for more information about the book and to order online.

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