The virginity of Mary: Essay of interpretation

03 January 2015

Mary gives birth to a son, the Son of God himself.

Why a virgin? The only one among all women, from Eve to the end of time. Who gives birth through the operation of the Holy Spirit?

A virgin in the facts and not a mythical virgin like there are in other cultures, who also love to sacrifice them to the gods.

To understand the reason for this reality, we must go back to Eve, who had to choose between the Trinitarian God or Family, all humbled by her Son and the God of the proud Satan, obsessed by God Almighty, unable to Admit a God who prefers the smallest intelligent beings, those of the human families that resemble him most.

Eve opted for the proposition of Satan, Scripture tells us. She trained her husband, Adam, in this choice. Thus their relationship of friendship with the God Family was broken. But already God tried to recover this friendship. Already he took the lead. A woman will crush Satan's pride.

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